Frédéric Ambrosini

Frédéric Ambrosini

Main agency
Cyrille Joubert
+33 6 62 63 47 24
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About me

I am very active on social networks with my partner the actress Gabrielle Marie and we total more than 60 million views on all networks combined with our duo.

I have just finished shooting two films "Champagne!!!" and "Charlie" by Stéphane Garrigues and Stéphane Petillot.

I shot in 22 short films and I interpreted characters in the series "Tomorrow We Belong" and "Un Si Grand Soleil"

I also acted in independent feature films: "The last trip by Yann de Kerguelec" or "The descent" by Stephane Panizzoli.

I have been on stage many times: Robert Lamoureux's "L'Amour Foot" or Eric Beauvillain's "Ainsi-ets-elles" and Guillaume Terrisse's "Almost ready" among others.

I also did an extra in the film "Mektoub, My love" by Abdellatif Kechiche. DNA, TANDEM, HERE IT ALL STARTS, THE MAN I CONDEMNED, CANDICE RENOIR, MURDER IN CATHAR COUNTRY...

I also directed and produced 8 programs on the theme "Fred's appointments" where we discover an artist other than through what we have read, seen, or heard.

I am very available it goes without saying... and I am transported


Acting age
50 - 55 years
Year of birth
1969 (54 years)
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
dark brown
Hair color
Heather gray
Hair length
stocky / chubby
Housing options
Paris, Castelnau-de-Guers
BadmintonFencing (sports)JudoKrav MagaTennis
Comedian, Orator, Director, Actor, Speaker, Dubbing actor
Special skills
Driver's licenses
Car class


Professional background

C Me Acting en 2020 et 2021 Etablissement crée par Sabine Crossens et Elise Mc Leod en 2008


La poupée de porcelaine (Medium length film)
Le beau Père (SR) Didier Osiris et Farah Tagauly Written by: Didier Osiris
Charlie (Feature film)
Ray Strocker (SR) Stephane Garrigues et Stephane Petillot Written by: Stephane Petillot
Champagne !!! (Medium length film)
Don Pérignon (LR) Stephane Garrigues Written by: Stephane Garrigues


Demain Nous Appartient (TV movie (series))
Marin Ep 934 (SRE) Producer: TF1 TELSET
Un Si Grand Soleil (TV movie (series))
Le Chasseur EP 934 (SRE) Distribution: France Télévision
TANDEM (TV series)
Le Père de l'Accusé (SRE) Producer: France Télévision Distribution: France Télévision


Les Légende de la Salvetat sur Agout (Narrator)
Le Narrateur (OR) Lola Sanchez Producer: ACFA


L'incurable N°13 (Short film)
Docteur Iscariot (SR) Maëva Di Lella Producer: Maé Llorca - Maëva Di Lella Casting director: Roméo Lefort Written by: Maé Llorca - Maëva Di Lella
Alektorophobia (Short film)
Le Père de la Mariée (SR) Jude Barbier Producer: ACFA
Douleur Muette (Instructional movie)
Le Policier (SR) Jordy Pillet Producer: Jordy Pillet
La Bonne Aventure (Multi-part)
Le Client (LR) Frédéric Lecloux Producer: Frédéric Ambrosini et Frédéric Lecloux
Exode (Short film)
Le Ravisseur (SR) Camille Gallois Producer: ArtFX
Le temps d'un souvenir (Short film)
Le Grand Père (SR) Anna Savournin Producer: ACFA
A Cappella (Feature film)
Patron du Bar (SR) Dimitri Bazillio
Tom et Elliott (Short film)
Le Grand Père (SR) Ozélie Carette Producer: Ozélie Carette
Le Rêve de Milla (Short film)
Le Producteur (SR) Colin Garnier Producer: ArtFX
El Che Pito (Short film)
Inspecteur de Police Luc Dasmorne (SR) Jauffré Gallé Producer: Travelling
Le Vice (Short film)
L'Inspecteur de Police (SR) Anselme Delinotte Producer: Ciné Créatis


Les Rendez-nous du destin (Web magazine)
Frédéric Ambrosini - Pierre Baldwin - Gabrielle Marie
Perrin et Borguetti (Mini series)
Borguetti (LR) IUT Béziers Section Audiovisuelle Producer: IUT Béziers et Frédéric Ambrosini
Papa et sa Fille (Music video)
Gabrielle Marie


Evanessence Chandine (Commercial)
Application BLOB (Commercial)
Les Conflits Familliaux (Commercial)