Hélène Cardona

Hélène Cardona


Acting age
38 - 48 years
Place of birth
Height (cm)
Weight (in kg)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Los Angeles
Housing options
Paris, London, Dublin, Madrid, Athens, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Berlin
French, Spanish, American
German: fluent
English: native-language
Spanish: native-language
French: native-language
Italian: medium
Greek (New): medium
Parisian dialect: always (Native dialect)
English: always
Quebec (French): only when required
Spanish: only when required
Greek: only when required
French: only when required
Italian: only when required
American: only when required
Piano: basic
Alpine skiing, Athletics, Bowling, Cross-country skiing, Fencing (stage), Fitness, Hiking, Horse riding, Martial Arts, Mountain bike, Nordic walking, Pilates, Rowing, skiing, Swim, Table tennis, Tai chi, Western riding, Yoga
Ballet: medium
Jazz Dance: medium
Classic dance: medium
Contemporary dance: medium
Actor, Dubbing actor, Speaker
Driver's license classes
Car class

Vita entries

Primary professional training

American Academy of Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles/New York)

Other Education & Training

The Actors Studio
Hamilton College
Sorbonne Nouvelle


Garifuna Film Festival International
The Necklace (nominated) (Short film)
Best Actress
Femme (Documentary movie)
Santa Barbara Film Festival
Femme (Documentary movie)
The American Movie Awards
Femme (Documentary movie)
IFQ Festival Award
Femme (Documentary movie)
LadyFilmmakers Festival
Chocolat (nominated) (Feature film)
SAG Award Best Ensemble Cast


Dante's Paradise (Documentary movie)
Venus (LR) Boris Acosta
Dante's Hell (Documentary movie)
Francesca (LR) Boris Acosta
Uncorked (Feature film)
French Sommelier (voice) (SR) Prentice Penny
Murder Mystery (Feature film)
Spanish Announcer (voice) (SR) Kyle Newacheck
Charlie's Angels (Feature film)
German Analyst (voice) (SR) Elizabeth Banks
Dying to Live (Short film)
Dr. Martin (SR) Ilya Rozhkov
X-Men: Apocalypse (Feature film)
Cerebro Voices (SR) Bryan Singer
Point Break (Feature film)
Interpol Agent (voice) (SR) Ericson Core
Jurassic World (Feature film)
Innovation Center French Announcer (SR) Colin Trevorrow
The Necklace (Short film)
Dr. White (LR) Gabriel Schmidt
5 Minutes (Short film)
Adrienne Pierre (LR) Gabriel Schmidt
Muppets Most Wanted (Feature film)
Voices (SR) James Bobin
X-Men: Days of Future Past (Feature film)
Cerebro Voices (SR) Bryan Singer
The Hundred-Foot Journey (Feature film)
French Food Critic (SR) Lasse Hallström
Haunting Charles Manson (Feature film)
French Reporter (SR) Mick Davis
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, (Feature film)
Newscaster (SR) Matt Reeves
Femme (Documentary movie)
Self (OR) Emmanuel Itier
Lunch Break (Short film)
Grace (LR) Gabriel Schmidt
A Bedtime Story (Short film)
Margot (LR) Monica Tidwell
World War Z (Feature film)
News Reporter (SR) Marc Forster
Stealing Roses (Feature film)
Mrs. Russell (SR) Megan Clare Foster
Happy Feet Two (Feature film)
Adélie Penguin (SR) George Miller
The A-Team (Feature film)
German Doctor (voice) (SR) Joe Carnahan
Hereafter (Feature film)
Angel (voice) (SR) Clint Eastwood
Halo (Short film)
Venus (LR) Reva Zane
The Pink Panther 2 (Feature film)
French Reporter (voice) (SR) Harald Zwart
Ninja Assassin (Feature film)
Europol Agent (voice) (SR) James McTeigue
Duplicity (Feature film)
Swiss Banker (voice) (SR) Tony Gilroy
The Hunting Party (Feature film)
French Journalist (voice) (SR) Richard Shepard
The Interpreter (Feature film)
French Interpreter (SR) Sydney Pollack
BIG FISH (Feature film)
Secretary (voice) (SR) Tim Burton
Enough (Feature film)
Darcelle (SR) Michael Apted
Serendipity (Feature film)
The French Singer/Song (SR) Peter Chelsom
Final (Feature film)
ICU Nurse (SR) Campbell Scott
Passion of Mind (Feature film)
French Newscaster (SR) Alain Berliner
Chocolat (Feature film)
Francoise 'Fuffi' Drou (SR) Lasse Hallström
Mumford (Feature film)
Candy (SR) Lawrence Kasdan
Ladies Room (Short film)
Katherine (SR) Eugenia Ives
One Fine Day (Feature film)
The French Shopper (SR) Michael Hoffman
I Love You, I Love You Not (Feature film)
Holocaust Girl (SR) Billy Hopkins


Star Trek: Picard (TV series)
Doctor 1 (voice) (SR)
Star Trek: Discovery (TV series)
French Engineer (voice) (SR) Marta Cunningham
Palomino & Swissy (TV series)
French Wife (LR) Julien Lasseur
The Romanoffs (TV series)
French Newscaster (SR) Matthew Weiner
Heroes Reborn (Mini series)
Computer Voice (SR) Producer: NBC UNiversal
Homeland (TV series)
German Nurse (voice) (SR) Seith Mann
Table Manners (TV series)
Nadine (SR) Angel Gracia
Front Seat Chronicles (TV series)
Valérie (LR) Allen L. Sowelle
Nikita (TV series)
Spanish Operative (voice) (SR) Nick Copus
The Bold and the Beautiful (TV series)
Reporter #1 (SR) Deveney Kelly TV Channel: CBS
Interview (TV series)
Natasha Loizeau (LR) Stephen Mitchell
The New Adventures of Robin Hood (TV series)
Marjorie (LR) James Bruce TV Channel: Warner Home Video
Passions (TV series)
French Woman (SR) Patrick Maloney TV Channel: NBC
One Life to Live (TV series)
Austrian Aristocrat (SR) TV Channel: ABC
Law & Order (TV series)
Juror #4 (SR) TV Channel: NBC


The Corporal (Drama)
Leading role Theatre: The Players Club
Helix (Drama)
Leading role Theatre: The Naked Angels
Touch My Face (Drama)
Leading role Theatre: The Actors' Studio
The Lives and Deaths of Miss Shakespeare (Drama)
Leading role Theatre: UBU Repertory Theater
Wild Honey (Drama)
Leading role Theatre: American Academy of Dramatic Arts


Learn French in the Kitchen (Audiobook)


Unchartered 4: A Thief's End (Videogame)
Shoreline Mercenaries (voices) Neil Druckmann, Bruce Straley
Cy Girks (Videogame)
Harley/Artemis Atsushi Horigami, Shinji Morimitsu


Cinema Confidential (Streaming series)


Best Western (Commercial)
Xerox (Commercial)
CK One Calvin Klein (Commercial)