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Jorge Vaz Gomes

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About me

Jorge Vaz Gomes is a Lisbon, Portugal based actor, video and photography artist, graduated at ETIC Lisbon in Directing, ARCO Lisbon in Photography, and Master in Multimedia Arts at Lisbon Fine Arts School. Has been working as an actor, filmmaker, photographer and editor since 2006. From 2011 to 2013, he wrote, directed and performed a weekly based emission on the portuguese TV station Canal Q, "O Enviado Especial", and later "Repórter Mudo". He also directed and performed other short films such as: "Sobre a mesa", 2010; "A encomenda", 2011; "O Quarteirão" 2015; and "Jean-Claude", 2016 (Honorable Mention at IndieLisboa International Film Festival) and Mapa-Esquisito (2018). In 2017 he had a breakthrough as an actor, starring in two series for Public Television RTP 1, "Madre Paula" (2017) and "3 Mulheres" (2018) and also at two major portuguese motion pictures "Parque Mayer" and "Linhas Tortas" (2018).


Year of birth
1980 (42 years)
Place of birth
Lisbon, Portugal
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Brazilian PortugueseEnglish
Actor, Director
Special skills
Storyteller(Voice) imitator(cartoon) voice actingImprovisation
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Professional background

My training as an actor happened at my University theater group, where I worked as an actor and producer for 5 years, at NNT company, located at the Sciences Faculty of the New University of Lisbon.


O Bêbado (Cinema film)
Paulo (SR) André Marques
Amadeo (Cinema film)
León Sola (SR) Vicente Alves do Ó Producer: Pandora da Cunha Teles
Linhas Tortas (Cinema film)
Physiotherapist (SR) Rita Nunes
Parque Mayer (Cinema film)
Arsénio Mota (SR) António-Pedro Vasconcelos Producer: Tino Navarro Casting director: Patrícia Vasconcelos Written by: Tiago R. Santos
O Quarteirão (Short film)
Mr. Walser (LR) Jorge Vaz Gomes Written by: Jorge Vaz Gomes, Gonçalo M. Tavares


Motel Valkirias (TV series)
Marcelo (LR) Alex Sampayo, Jorge Queiroga Station: RTP 1, TV Galicia
3 Mulheres (TV series)
Ary dos Santos (SR) Fernando Vendrell Station: RTP 1
Crónica dos bons malandros (TV series)
Cop (SR) Jorge Paixão da Costa Producer: Pandora da Cunha Teles Station: RTP 1
O Mundo não acaba assim (TV series)
Yoga instructor (LR) Producer: Artur Ribeiro Station: RTP 1 Written by: Tiago R. Santos, Filipe Homem Fonseca, Nuno Duarte, Luis Filipe Borges
Madre Paula (TV series)
Frei Bernardo (SR) Rita Nunes Producer: Filipa César Station: RTP 1 Written by: Patricia Muller